Here's my song for Earth Day #50!  Featuring the genius of  fellow Azalea Recording Artist Seth Kibel on sax, Bruce Cockburn's drummer Gary Craig, bassist George Koller (Peter Gabriel, Loreena McKennit) and produced in Toronto by the incomparable Ken Whiteley, who adds funky organ.
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Songs from Food for the Long Haul



Award winning Bluegrass vocalist Claire Lynch and award-winning Blues/Gospel vocalist Lea Gilmore perform a stunningly soul-filled duet of my updated "America the Beautiful: 2020".

Over 65,000 views on YouTube!

"Dancing Toward the Light" from Azalea City Recordings Holiday Concert at Ally World in Takoma Park. Featuring Seth Kibel, clarinet and flute, and Bob Abbott on bass.

  "Dancing Toward the Light" was                             #5  album December 2015!  ​​

Songs from Dancing Toward the Light

Crossing the Poison River

From Food For the Long Haul

Crossing the Poison River - Jesse Palidofsky

Mandela Bodhisattva

From Food For the Long Haul

Mandela Bodhisattva - Jesse Palidofsky

"I Am An Immigrant"  #1 Single  November 2015!

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Unknown Track - Unknown Artist

Lay Down Your Heavy Burden

From Dancing Toward the Light

Lay Down Your Heavy Burden - Jesse Palidofsky

Lift Me Up

From Dancing Toward the Light

Lift Me Up - Jesse Palidofsky

What It's All About

From Dancing Toward the Light

What It's All About - Jesse Palidofsky