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Purchase CDs of Jesse's music below or buy the digital album on Bandcamp.

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Our Better Angels is Jesse's latest album featuring tracks such as "I Am an Immigrant", "Respect Your Mother" and the acclaimed re-imagining of "America the Beautiful" with Claire Lynch and Lea Gilmore.  

Released: May 15, 2021

CD Price: $13     Shipping: $2.75

Buy the bundle of Jesse's three albums and receive a discount on all three plus the Azalea City Recordings sampler 7, New Roots, for free!


Jesse released Dancing Toward the Light in 2015 and it reached #5 on the International Folk Charts!   It's fun and uplifting, a mature mix of folkie, jazzy, klezmer and the blues

CD Price: $13     Shipping: $2.75
CD pack Price: $30     Shipping: $3.85

Food for the Long Haul was Jesse's first album. It carries the "healing message" common to all of his music, and in particular addresses "Personal Growth", "War No More", and some ballads and dedications. It is "an eclectic mix of musical styles backed with guitars, clarinets, drums, fiddles, banjos, and more."

Release date: Jan. 1, 2004.

CD Price: $13     Shipping: $2.75

Co-op label Azalea City Recordings "seventh Sampler compilation, NEW ROOTS... reveals the diversity of genres represented by our label. You’ll find everything from Cajun/Zydeco to Americana/Country to Indie Folk, plus original music in the following styles: Indie folk, roots rock, New Orleans, R&B-tinged rock, Blues.

CD Price: $7     Shipping: $2.75
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